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Shift Drinks Comedy proudly announces the fifth annual All the Laughs -ATL- Comedy awards under the backdrop of the thriving Atlanta -ATL- comedy scene.  This three-day event will be showcasing the very talented and hard-working comedians and comedic content creators from across the globe.  Join us for screening parties that'll include works from all the nominees, industry panels, special guests, live comedy, and culminating with an awards presentation as the nominees in each category vie for the coveted Golden Pitcher.  We invite you to come enjoy community, collaboration, and of course comedy!  

Community enjoying comedy
Collaboration brings about better ideas
Laughing together is vital

we may be from all over the world, but what bonds us as a community is that feeling of fellowship with other independent comedic creatives who are working tirelessly in the pursuit of making people laugh, while facing that daily struggle to get eyes and ears on our hard work. 

​we are real people who want to connect with others who "get us". Through our content, we desire to make our world a better place by increasing awareness to evoke change, all while making people smile, laugh, think and take their own action.

we become fans of each other's work, and since we're all storytellers, we organically find ways to support each other by sharing our creative gifts through collaboration.


when building a strong community, the major key to that infrastructure is collaboration. content creation can sometimes feel overwhelming and lonely-- you're not alone. what better way than to work with others who are on the same page as you?

​Share skill sets, life experiences and audiences to broaden and expand everyone's knowledge, reach and influence, all while having fun and strengthening life-long relationships. 

creating a collaborative environment starts with us. partnering with others who are doing great things within the creative community, as well as the atl community, betters ourselves and helps others through what consistently brings us together: comedy.


we've heard it many times, "laughter is the best medicine." So why are our parents still upset we didn't become doctors?  But seriously, comedic creators are doing their part to save the world. the fact that the atl comedy awards was created during a global pandemic is an indication that comedy is vital and needed.

​we are about all things funny, that's why there are so many categories, and there is even one called "-404 - category not found" for those creative pieces that don't fit anywhere else. There's something to be said for uniqueness! 

we are your cheerleaders, wanting to recognize and reward those making people laugh when the world needs it the most. Welcome to the family, and thanks for sharing all the laughs!

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"This was a fun festival. Well organized and a lot of great talent. Great opportunity for networking and getting a lot of eyes on your film."

-Dylan Aames 

"This festival is absolutely incredible. We met so many brilliant and talented people throughout the festival run that we are excited to collaborate with in the future. ATL is a celebration and is creating a community with everyone from around the world. The level of detail that has gone into making this festival is what makes it stand out from the crowd. We were honoured to have been part of something as outstanding as this and we cannot wait for next year's festival already! Thank you to everyone who helped make this festival so great, and huge congrats to every nominee!"

-Oakmead Productions 

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